I guess I’m human

My daughter found out today that I am human and it kind of shook her foundations.

I was having a difficult day. I had been up late, then got up three separate times over night with my son. Then went to work only to find out that I was off. Then it was home again to deal with my son’s meltdown because everybody got to leave but him when it was time for Driver’s Ed.

Needless to say by the time my daughter was home again from class I was a bit frazzled and frustrated. I should have stated home considering my son’s state of mind and my own but I thought, “What the hey, let’s go to Great Falls.” We needed some shopping and our schedules weren’t really going to work out to go another day so off we went.

Because my daughter is in Driver’s Ed, we do a lot of little quizzes and hypothetical scenarios as we go just to give her real world examples. Lucky me I have her a great one about distracted driving. I was so busy explaining to her the answer to her questions about intersections that I drove right through a red light. Freaked her out a little and me too. Fortunately it was a very empty intersection.

Next on my list if transgressions came when we got home. We carried the groceries into the house and I started to put them away. The kids went outside to play. Suddenly I noticed my wallet was gone.

You must understand that I am one of the most careful people in the world. I plan and then plan some more. I’m like the poster child for being prepared. I always check and double check everything. So when I say wallet I mean little bifold snap shut thing holding bank cards and driver’s license. I started using such a little wallet when I had to suddenly drop everything and chase my son in stores. It was a lot easier if I didn’t have to wrangle my child and a purse. So now if it doesn’t fit in my pocket I don’t need it.
Well that being said I usually just shove it in my back pocket and go about my business and when I get home I put it in my coat’s inside pocket. Once again because it’s easy to grab and go.
I checked my pocket. Not there.
I checked my coat. Not there.
I checked my purse. Not there.
Oh crap I think I lost my wallet!
I yelled for the kids to come help me look.
We tore the house apart. We checked every place that I could have put it. Even in the cupboards and the fridge I case I’d had one of those Mom moments and put it away with the groceries.
Not there either.
I looked in the car. The kids looked in the car. Nothing.
I called the gas station where I had used my wallet last. They hadn’t found anything.
At this point I’m panicking. I’m gonna have to cancel all my cards and my husband will be on the road with no access to money.
I told the kids I’d try looking one more time.
I searched my purse again. Nothing. I searched my coat pockets. Nothing. In frustration I shook my coat. My wallet fell on the floor.
I stated at it. I picked it up and took it to the door and held it up for my kids to see.
They did an happy dance.
My body dumped adrenaline. My legs were shaking so I flopped down on the sidewalk.
My daughter said that she didn’t like realizing that I was human. She felt better when I always had everything under control.

Children don’t like coming to terms with their parents being human and making mistakes. Their worlds are built around us being superheroes. It’s like facing your own mortality. Nothing is ever the same afterword.


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