Smart phone? No, No. Smart Ass Phone.

So I mentioned that I have a new phone that came with SIRI. My daughter and I did what all geeks do with a new piece of technology. We asked it stupid question. After you must know the limitation of your tools before getting down to serious work, right?




I laughed so hard at this especially the way that it was said. So of course I had to hear it again.


Wait! That was a different answer! So we tried again…



Okay, obviously we are getting nowhere on this one. Time for a new question…



I’m beginning to think SIRI has an attitude. Well two can play at that game…


Alright, if you are so smart, What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?




Well then, that’s me schooled!

So lesson learned. Obviously Apple hired someone just like me to answer my stupid questions.


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