That terrifying moment…

I know everyone lately has been doing “That awkward moment when…” jokes or posts it whatever you want to call them. But this is a different kind of moment. A terrifying moment.
I have recently had a lot of these moments and it scares the crap out if me. It’s a moment when you suddenly lose all knowledge of how to do something.
For example, I was in the shower and I turned to the shelf with the shampoos and things on it and had no idea what I was supposed to do. I didn’t know which bottle to grab. I had gone completely blank.
This isn’t the only incident. I have also gotten in the car and had to sit for a moment until I could remember how to drive.
My husband says it’s because I’m too tired. It’s true 8 years of never getting a full night’s rest with only a couple of hours of sleep at a time will do that.
It also could be stress related. They say that parents of special needs kids develop all the symptoms of battle stress like soldiers do. The constant need to stay vigilant 24 hours a day. Maybe it’s that.
It’s scary not knowing anymore what you absolutely knew a few moments before. I hope that this is not just a glimpse of things to come. I hope that this is just a side effect of being so tired.


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