It won’t be funny when it hurts!

My son thinks he’s invincible. He’s 8. He’s autistic and he thinks he can do gymnastics on every part of the house: door frames, chairs, couch, filing cabinets, gas lines going to the hot water heater. You know anything that could get him killed.
When he trips and falls or runs into walls he looks at me and says, “bit funny.”
Well, yes, sort of.
He, of course, giggles and bounces around some more. Sometimes I’m not sure that he has pain receptors. But then suddenly he trips while walking on his knees and slams his chin into the blanket chest.
He stopped moving for a moment, stunned into motionlessness. Then he turns to me and says in a doubtful voice, “bit funny?”
I shook my head. It wasn’t funny anymore. I knew it had to hurt. He tried to laugh but it slowly turned into a full blown, heart wrenching sob. He crawled into my lap and cried for a very long time. He even asked for a doctor at one point. Poor guy.
A couple of hours later my silly son was bounding around the room launching himself off of furniture with abandon. He obviously didn’t learn the lesson yet. It won’t be funny when it hurts.


2 thoughts on “It won’t be funny when it hurts!

  1. Just wanted to cry when I read this. Wish we could wrap our little ones in cotton wool. Hate to hear that he was so much in pain that he wanted a doctor. Its at times like this that I wish with all my heart that I lived closer to my precious grandkids xx

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