Air travel…pfthput!!!

Supposedly the the safest, quickest and most reliable way to travel. Bull s#@$!!
So far this month I have had two family members fly and it has been a fiasco both times.
My mom got rejected from the check in line because we were supposedly not there in time. But we were. And now my husband has spent over 24 hours trying to get home and still hasn’t made it. He could have driven home by now and it would have cost a lot less. His planes kept coming in late and forcing him to miss connection flights. This is so stupid.
We spend so much money on security and tickets. We pay extra for everything. We pay for bags and meals. For which seat we sit in and still they can’t give us quality in return. I know that weather and other things will cause delays and there is nothing that anyone can do about it but customer service is controllable. There are ways to sort out the issues that come up. The airlines just choose not too and then they wonder why they are going bankrupt.
Airlines-You must put your house in order for it to survive and thrive. In the mean time I think we will drive.


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