Envy and social media

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A few days ago I read an article extolling the evils of social media. It stated that the more people use social media the more they are prone to that deadly sin of Envy. I realized after reading that article that there is a fine line between Envy and Emulation.

When I first started this whole author platform thing, I had no idea what I was doing. I was completely clueless. So I looked up other author sites to see what they had done. Now you must understand that I normally don’t stalk authors. I read books but I don’t research authors. If I like them I know their name that is about the end of it. However, now I must learn a new way and really dig deep.

The more sites I looked at the more depressed I got. I looked at my tiny little website and then at their massive complicated sites with their millions of followers and fans and that’s when Envy hit me. I wanted what they had. I wanted to be that well liked. I felt defeated. How was I ever going to get there?

Then I mentally kicked myself. I was being a complete idiot!

I could have that! I just had to be patient. They didn’t wake up one morning and have a million fans! IT TOOK TIME! And I’ve just started.

I realized that they had achieved what I wanted by sweating, crying, and clawing their way through the same turmoil that I am going through right now. They should be EMULATED not ENVIED! They were the actualization of my goals. They were people to look up to. What I need to to do was to learn from them, not hate on them and let wishful thinking push me into the dark holes of depression.

So every day I learn. Everyday I sweat and cry and tear my hair out trying to find the time to do what I love. Write. What I had envied had now become my measuring stick ticking off the steps to my goal. I don’t want what they have. I want to be like them in the realm of success but I will have my own success. I need not covet theirs. Ambition, emulation, and inspiration are the actions that will achieve goals not envy: that is merely passive ambition without a chance of success.


One thought on “Envy and social media

  1. Well written and its true, many successful writers endured years of setbacks and turn downs but never gave up. That’s the secret to success. Never give up! Some of the best authors today didn’t even “make it” until they were into middle age but now they can “rest on their laurels” and enjoy the fruits of their labour.You have a wonderful way with words and a good sense of humour and I have every faith in you……just don’t get discouraged

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