So what happened to summer vacation?


Yes, it is only June. I realize some schools aren’t even out yet. Ours ended on May 30th. At least I thought it did.
Then I looked at the calendar. Days are filling up with school stuff pretty fast. Extended school year with speech therapy for my son, volleyball fundraisers for camps, camps for said volleyball, driver’s ed, gym sessions, and various other activities my kids are involved in are scrawled all over the calendar already into July!
What happened?
When I was a kid, school STOPPED when it ended and didn’t start again until about a week before the official first day of school when sports practice started. We never had this much going on during the summer. Summer was when you got to actually be a kid and enjoy yourself.
If we are going to have so much going on for the kids during the summer why do we bother ending school? If we are trying to keep them out of trouble why not just have school year around with a couple of breaks here and there. It would be a lot easier than trying to organize child care around all the craziness.
I would imagine the teachers would like a break but they don’t get it because they are still at school doing all the extra summer stuff.
I just really don’t understand this arrangement at all. Anyone care to explain?



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