Mama’s Kitchen Psychology

So I figured out that the state of my house is directly proportional to the state of my psyche.
Frustration and a sense of being trapped? Well, that means that if I just rearrange the furniture and throw out some stuff then Poof! I feel much better. Suddenly I’m in control of my environment. Which means if I can control that then I’m not hopelessly locked into my situation. It’s a whole new start. Fresh and clean.
So here’s mama’s free kitchen psychological advice. If you are having emotional difficulties then take a look at your living environment. There may just be a correlation and a solution staring right at you. No guarantee but you never know!



6 thoughts on “Mama’s Kitchen Psychology

  1. I remember as a young child having the periodic desire to rearrange my bedroom. Not for any practical reason, just to see something different. I think we all crave novelty to some degree as a human race. And sometimes that novelty is just what we need to shift our emotional well-being into a better state. Thanks for sharing and best wishes for an inspired day 😉

  2. We have a dresser/bookcase in our living room which serves as a halfway station for all manner of stuff coming in and out of the house or up and down the stairs. Toys, magazines, cups, socks, gadgets, etc… My husband never needs to ask me where my head is at. Those three big shelves say it all.

  3. It must be Spring cleaning fever. Got the house and garden organized so yesterday I attacked my overflowing wardrobe (no cupboard space in these old houses). Tried on everything I wasn’t sure of :- too old, too tight, worn out favourites, colours that drain me (ime pale enough), things that prematurely age me and things that I shouldn’t be wearing at my age. By the end of the day I had enough discards to open up my own charity shop but that’s where its all headed. Yes, the charity shop. Do I feel refreshed? You bet! Best therapy ever.

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