The anticipation is important!

A friend if mine and I were talking about things we like to drink. And, no, I’m not talking about alcohol. I’m talking about summer drinks and winter drinks. Hot Cocoa, Egg Nog, or Iced Tea. Drinks that are seasonal.
We agreed that it is important to keep them seasonal. I don’t mean that you have to avoid them if you really want them. I just mean that keeping them seasonal is what makes them special.
If we had Egg Nog available all year long then it wouldn’t be that special treat for the holidays.
Same with Hot Cocoa. Looking forward to curling up with a steaming cup while the snow comes fluttering down chilling everything. Savoring that moment when that hot liquid burns it’s way down your throat spreading that one of a kind heat through your chest. It is one of the best treats of winter.
Conversely, Iced Tea is the best of summer. The hot sun beating down making the air sizzle and ripple with heat. That cool jar of tea waiting with the ice floating on top making the jar bead with moisture. Cool and refreshing bringing your temperature down.
Now think about if you were to have these special treats whenever you wanted.
Snowflakes are flying, a chill is in the air, cold Iced Tea is bring your temperature down…wait, what?
Sizzling heat wave, hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk and you’re drinking Hot Coaco?
Yes, maybe that’s your thing. Have fun, knock yourself out. However, where is the anticipation? Where is the treat to look forward to? What makes the changing seasons special?
What is there to look forward to in life if not those special treats?
That is why the anticipation is so important.


One thought on “The anticipation is important!

  1. Lovely use of descriptive language. I could almost taste that iced tea and I think I will treat myself to a lovely cup of hot cocoa tonight as its cold and wet outside.

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