The toilet is anticlimactic

anticlimactic toilet-page-001


Okay, I know that sounds really weird. So let me explain.

I was in the bathroom the other day and toilet was running, you know kind of annoyingly trickling. So I took of the lid to the tank and fiddled with it for a while. It finally started filling the tank again. A loud water pouring kind of sound that increased in volume as it neared completion like a race car revving up for a dramatic gear change. Then just at the crescendo when you really think something is going to happen…it shuts off . All is silent.

Well. That was anticlimactic.

Then I realized a lot of life is like that. We get all revved up and expecting something amazing to happen. We prolong the anticipation and throw so much into the preparations. Then all of a sudden the event is here and it doesn’t seem worth it.

Holidays are like that. The stores start putting out the decorations or supplies that you might need for the upcoming holiday months in advance. Christmas is out before Halloween has even arrived anymore. Or blockbuster movies. The next one always has to be bigger and grander so that the audience is not disappointed. It doesn’t matter if the plot doesn’t make sense as long as it’s sensational enough to wow people and not let them down.

The media capitalizes on our let down from these events by sensationalizing everything. Would it not be better to celebrate the big things a little smaller and find more reasons to celebrate the smaller things a little bigger. For example, your child just said a new word. Don’t pass it by! There was no lead up to this moment but it is one of the most significant things that you have experienced today.

Maybe I’m just a little over the top with that, but my son is Autistic and every moment that he learns something is a reason to celebrate. He’s learned to play with toys using his imagination. Wahoo! that is a celebration moment! He spoke to a teacher in the hall without being prompted first. Initiating conversation – Wahoo a celebration point!

The thing is that we are striving toward that climactic point so hard that we don’t notice all the amazing little miracles that are happening right in front of us.  So I say Celebrate every day and every thing, climactic or not because you never know when it will happen again of if it will happen again. And truly if you bring your expectations a little lower the quality of your life will soar!


3 thoughts on “The toilet is anticlimactic

  1. This is a lovely story and I agree 100% with what you say. I learned a long time ago to appreciate the everyday little blessings. If we spend our time always looking forward to something bigger and better and expecting more out of life, we waste the hours and days and even years of our precious lives in anticipation of what might never be, when what we should be doing is appreciating every day that God has given us.Besides, the best things in life are free: grandchildren, sunsets, laughter, the smell of the garden after the rain etc etc, Yes, a good wee story Aders xx

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog & liking a post. I like this one. And where is that photo from? It’s gorgeous. I’m sure you’re aware of Temple Grandin. I think I’m spelling her name right.

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