How to Make Book Covers When You’re Broke

I have been struggling with the promotional side of my writing, not because I’m not trying but because I just don’t have the funds to pay for what I need to get really promoted. For instance, book covers. It is said that on Wattpad if you don’t have a cover on your story then no one will even look at them, but I can’t afford to have someone make them for me. Suddenly I stumbled across a blog that saved my bacon.

How to Make Your Own Free Book Cover in MS Word

This step by step guide showed the cheap and easy way to create a book cover. IT WAS AWESOME!

But then there was a major issue. You can save it as a PDF but you CAN”T save it as a JPEG or GIF file. You need it to be in a JPEG or GIF format in order to put it on the site. OH NOOOO!

I fiddled around for a while opening it in several different programs but still couldn’t get it to work. So I did it the old fashion way and printed it out then scanned it back in. It worked. But…really? Is this what I am going to have to do every time?


I found the best solution ever! There is a website called This site allows you to upload a PDF (Your book cover) and convert it to a JPEG so you can upload it to the site. YIPPY! YAY!

This is an example of what I made. It is for my short story Bump in the Road

Bump in the road cover art-page-001

Problems solved. Now just need to write some more and find the right pictures.


2 thoughts on “How to Make Book Covers When You’re Broke

  1. Weird–you have to select your own covers? Are you completely self publishing then? Have you not submitted a collection of short stories to an e publisher? I know a good one. You’re ahead of me on this blogging stuff already cause you have learned how to layout cool pictures like your header. Congratulations! Sounds like you know how to penetrate the mysteries of computers–I have struggled with that pdf-jpeg issue for months.

    • Well I’ve been at this for months. I sat for hours on end researching and looking for clues on the internet. I know they say that starting is easy just set it up and off you go but that’s not true. Several hours of research and cussing brought me to that PDF-JPEG thing. It’s hard when you don’t know computers. Ive just been putting my short stories on and submitting my novel to agents. However I’m beginning to see that my novel is a little too safe for anyone to take. I need to either crank it up or chalk it up to experience. You can email me if you get stuck.

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