Mom is the scary one!

american-metalcraft-bbc-39-wood-handle-bottle-can-openerEveryone thinks that Dad is the one to look out for when it comes to a daughter dating, but not in This family!

Yes, Dad will be properly menacing when a potential boyfriend comes around, but Mom…
My daughter is 14. I don’t think she is old enough to date. Her father doesn’t think she is old enough to date. My daughter thought otherwise. After laying down the rules about dating she decided to skirt the rules and found a boyfriend. I happen to see them one day (this was about a year ago) walking together with his arm around her shoulders. This did not please Mama!
We had a long discussion of the situation and being the logical parent that I am I realized that if she was going to do this behind my back then I’d rather see it coming. So I allowed the dating to continue provided I got to meet the kid.
The fun part comes when because I know his parents I got to have a little chat with them. His mom agreed with me 14 was too young to date but we’d rather see it coming than have them sneak around. So I warned her that I intended to put the fear of Mom into her son. She said go for it. Better he knew where he stood from the beginning.
So I got to meet the boyfriend. Pleasantly I said, “Hi, I’m mom. Glad to finally meet you.”
He smiled and nodded already scared if me.
I said, “I just want you to know that I you hurt my daughter, I have a can opener and I will use it.” Then I smiled and said, “Ok nice to meet you.”
They dated for a little over six months and were really cute together kinda like an old married couple. You know just happy to be around each other, none of this crazy hormonal drama stuff.
My daughter has since decided that 14 is too young to date and would rather work on her artwork. I, however, am infamous with the boys at school.
Lesson learned and passed on – you don’t mess with a mom.


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