The Invisible Menacing Monster is allergic to sewing.

I think the invisible menacing monster has allergies.
I’m not hearing things or maybe I am.

I was home alone and the cat was outside. I was working on sewing some reusable shopping bags that I make out of recycled jeans and things when I heard a sneeze from behind me. I turned and saw nothing. I wandered around looking for the source of the sound. None of the windows were open and I couldn’t see anyone outside.

I don’t know what else was it could have been besides the invisible menacing monster. So either it has a cold or is allergic to sewing. There were  threads that I cut off littering the floor. Maybe that is what was making it sneeze. If that is the case then that kind of creeps me out because that means he was sitting under the table next to my feet.

I really think the cat needs to exterminate the invisible menacing monster.



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