Don’t forget your kid!

I had to pick my daughter up at school today to go and get her wood for her shop project. Don’t worry I didn’t forget to pick her up. I brought her an egg salad sandwich that she promptly scarfed down like she hadn’t eaten in a year thanking me all the way. We went to the Conrad Building Center and purchased her wood then had about 20 minutes before she had to be back at the middle school.

She confessed to me that although she is allowed to leave campus for lunch she never did. (I knew this already because she has to okay it with me that morning before she leaves for school if she is going to go off campus. I just like to know where she is.) She said she always feels weird leaving the school like she is sneaking out even though she is allowed to but she still feels weird.  But today she said that she really felt special that she got to go to lunch with Mom. It was a real treat for her. She said a lot of the other kids have parents that come and pick them up and take them out to eat for lunch.  Not that we went to lunch we just wandered around the grocery store bought some potato wedges from the deli and went back to school, but that isn’t the point. 

The point is that we would like our children to appreciate us as parents for all the things we provide for them but what we really need to do for our children is give them our time. It makes their day. Buy them all the things in the world and it won’t hold a candle to the tiny moments we give them of ourselves. We will not be around forever and every moment counts. Take them out for a treat or just have an “us” night. They will cherish forever!


One thought on “Don’t forget your kid!

  1. On your post about making time for your children, I’m glad to see you have your priorities in order. There’s always time for the little stuff, the big stuff is family and should never be put on the back burner. Keep up the good mom stuff. God loves you!

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