The Horses of Realism ran away with my Optimism Wagon.

They snort and huff. Sidling around to stare at me with white rimmed eyes and then they snigger. That’s right go ahead and laugh at me you stupid equine purveyors of reality. I have one bad day where I’m overwhelmed and feeling a little defeated so I fall off the optimism wagon and you bastards take off with it.
So here we are. I step toward the wagon. They snigger and clippy clop forward a few steps.
It’s like when I was a kid and my dad would pull up with the car to pick me up from some random school event and every time I would reach for the door handle he would move the car forward so I would have to chase it. It’s funny for a while but then it get downright annoying.
I step forward again. Clippity clop. Stupid horses.
You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna whack you with a big stick and turn you I to a couple of paper weights so you can hold down my reality checks so they don’t bounce.
They snort.
Now let me back on my Optimism Wagon, damn it!


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