For my next trick… Immortality!

I know now why my husband wants to live forever. I never understood it before but I guess I have finally achieved that higher plane of existence called optimism and I get it.
There are simply not enough hours in any day to learn and experience everything. Granted some days drag because I fall off the optimist’s wagon but for the most part I need more time.
I have to get in writing, reading, time with the kids, time with my hubby, research for autism and pain management, my job, crafting wild hares, websites, social media, my housework, school schedules, cooking, research on diets, time with friends, and then there is all the fun stuff like trips and holidays not to mention I haven’t seen most if the world yet.
I just gonna have to live forever that’s all there is too it. The real kicker is I want to. I hope you can feel this way someday too. To really feel that there is enough awesomeness in the world to want to experience it all.


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