May I have a prescription of photos please?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but is it worth a thousand valiums?
I recently went through a box of photos from my life looking for pictures for my daughter’s 8th grade graduation. My kids helped so basically the living room floor was covered in photos and they all got mixed up. As I sorted and tried to put them away I realized that photos are like a journal of our lives. All the silly or amazing moments are there frozen for a moment in time.
It’s amazing looking back at what we did but more amazing is seeing how we felt. People use cameras to capture all the great moments. It is an uplifting experience to see all that we’ve done and everywhere we’ve been.
I’ve also been revisiting my journals trying to find the dates of certain events and I realized that I use my journal to chronicle everything that happens good or bad and usually as a vent when in frustrated. It was as depressing to read them as it was pleasing to look at the photos.
It’s a fascinating look at human nature if you think that we advertise our happiness in photos that we can share but keep our complaining quiet and private.
Personally, I intend to keep journaling but I think I will look at my photos more when I want to be lifted out of any depressions. Do think doctors will start prescribing photos instead of Valium too the population?


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