Reality is TOO REAL

Have you ever gotten the feeling on being boxed in by what you are doing? I don’t mean literally like you accidentally stacked all the boxes from the closet you were cleaning between you and the door and you really have to pee and can’t get past them. No, I mean metaphysically blocked in.

For example, for the past few weeks I have been trying to learn the logistics of creating an author platform. AKA a way to reach potential readers. I’ve been slogging through “How to” guides like there’s no tomorrow, digging into codes and all the little nasty background computer things that exist on the web. Then I realized I haven’t written anything remotely fictional in all that time. I MISS IT! Reality is too real when it comes to the ground pounding, cyber weaving, networking phenomena that a person who is used to being invisible must accomplish in order to become visibly to the right people so the right connections can be made.

Now just because it feels too real and my brain is boiling over doesn’t mean that I give up. It only means that I need to learn BALANCE. In all things there must be Balance. It is absolutely important that you remember that.


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