The Invisible Menacing Monster part II

So the cat has made me paranoid. Subconsciously I must be convinced that there is a multi-dimensional beastie running loose in my house because just yesterday as I was making my bed I heard a strange hiss sound: short and angry. I froze. It’s animal instinct.
At first I thought, “Oh no! I stepped on the cat!” But that was not the case. The cat was nowhere to be seen. My second thought was “What was under my bed?” This is where the paranoia comes in. See if the cat hadn’t planted in my brain that there was an invisible menace in my house I would have noticed that my skirt was brushing against a piece of paper that was sitting on my bed side table.
So no monster, just two inanimate objects innocently reacting to friction with a freaky hiss sound. Thank you, Moonlight for making me paranoid.


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