The Cat and the Invisible Menacing Monster

I have a cat. Her name is Moonlight and she is slightly insane. Well not really. She is a perfectly normal cat…ish. She adopted us. She was a stray and decided that my autistic son needed her. She’s been his guardian angel ever since. However that doesn’t mean that she is sweet and calm.
Every so often she is attacked by the invisible menacing monster. She will race around the room staring at spots in the air above her with her eyes huge and her ears back as if she is going to be flattened by something huge and horrible at any moment. Her fur fluffs out and she becomes twice the size, not that she is small to begin with but you get the picture.
Now this leads me to two possible conclusions. One is that she is really running from an invisible predator possibly from another dimension which would explain why I can’t see it or two she has a better imagination than I do.
I recently read an article in Mental Floss, which by the way is the best magazine ever envisioned, called 20 Fun Facts About Our Mysterious Feline Friends which stated that the most sophisticated supercomputer in 2010 performed 83 times slower than a cat’s brain. So this got me thinking. I think cats have an active imagination. I think she is actively pretending that there is a nasty beastie chasing her.
This explains why she is always trying to type when I’m writing. She just thinks that her imagination is better than mine.


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