But Mom Said…

I had the opportunity to witness a miracle…ish.  The other day I happened to be helping out at the school and found myself observing a conversation in one class that restored my faith in the parent child bond. 

A lot of kids these days think that their parents are just some bit of fluff that tells them what to do, but a certain kid showed me that is not always the case. The class had gotten into a discussion about bowling. The teacher, an avid bowler, mentioned a recent score he had achieved prompting the kid to comment on how great  that low score was. The teacher then tried to correct his misapprehension about how the game is scored- low score bad, high score good. The kid proceeded to argue that was incorrect because his mom had told him that the closer to zero the better the score. Now the rest of the class joined in trying to make the kid understand that what his mom had said was incorrect. The teacher informed him repeatedly that the kid’s mom must have been joking with him, but the kid would not believe it. Finally the argument came down to Google. The teacher looked up the rules of scoring bowling and showed the kid. The kid then promptly informed the teacher that Google was wrong because that was not what his mom had told him.

Now you are probably all chuckling to yourselves, but think about this. That kid had so much faith in his mom that he was willing to go against every bit of evidence that was presented to him. Some may say that “this is what is wrong with the world, no one is teaching our kids right”. I say BRAVO to a son’s love and faith in his mother!


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